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Michael Jackson Humanitarian

Michael Jackson is a true humanitarian, an example to us all. He has devoted much time and money to a wide range of charities. He loves children and takes time out when touring secretly visiting sick children. He also has special rooms at his home Neverland for sick and terminally ill children to stay over. He was listed in the 2000 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records for breaking the world record for the "Most Charities Supported by a Pop Star". It states that Michael Jackson has supported 39 charity organizations either with monetary donations through sponsorships of their projects or by participating in their silent auction.

Here is an alphabetical list of known charities that Michael Jackson has individually supported publically throughout his career:

Michael Donated To

Charity Projects Michael Jackson Aided

Year 1985 - together with Lionel Richie, Michael wrote the song "We are the World" to aid hunger people in Africa. Income more than 65 million USD

June 16 1988, very known meeting Michael Jackson with Princess Diana and prince Karol(before BAD concert), which he handed over two checks. One on the foundation Princess Trust ( 150,000 pounds) also check on 100,000 pounds for a help children’s hospital, which is on Great Ormand Street. Four days later, MJ visits deadly ill kinds in this hospital on Great Ormand Street. Beyond this he goes on where laying children's in less critical condition, he tells them a tale

December 1988, Michael Jackson visits a boy David Rothenburg, who was seriously scald by his father, who want to revenge to his wife

July 7 1989, Michael Jackson visits basic school Cleveland in Stockton California. Several weeks earlier, 25 year old man who killed 5 kids and 39 was wounded

May 14 Michael for free lend his hit "Beat it" to aid campaign anti-drugs among kids and youth. Beat It was used in ads, which was show in USA, it was organized by National Campaign Against Teenage Drunk Driving. Ads had on aim to inform young Americans, that drunk driving can kill friendship. Presidential Special Achievement Award (U.S) Presented at the White House by President Ronald Reagan to Michael Jackson in recognition of his contribution to the nation's campaign against drunk driving - Michael's song "Beat It" was run in the ads. The inscription on the plaque reads: "To Michael Jackson with appreciation for the outstanding example you have set for the youth of America and the world. Your historic record-breaking achievements and your pre-eminence in popular music are a tribute to your creativity, dedication, and great ability. The generous contribution of your time and talent to the National Campaign Against Teenage Drunk Driving will help million or young Americans learn that drinking and driving can kill a friendship."

May 6 1991, Michael Jackson was invited by organization The Jane Goodall Charity on ceremony. Michael decided to support leading by Jane Goodall on chimpanzee in Gombe ( Nigeria)

May 6 1992, Michael Jackson covered the cost of funeral of Roman Sanchez, who died while riots in Los Angeles

1992 - Michael creates international foundation "Heal the World"

September 30 1992, Michael Jackson found square of parties in Romania for 500 orphans. Took the place solemn opening with contemporary president of country The Iliescu

November 24 1992, on the airport Kennedy in New York, Michael Jackson supervised loading 43 tons of medicines, blankets, winter clothes, which flew to Sarajevo

Year 1992-1993 - in time of lasting tour "Dangerous", in frames of activity of foundation "Heal the World", Michael passed on money to help children in every town that he performed

August 1993, Michael Jackson together with Pepsi-Cola in Thailand he supported royal organization "Crown Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn's charity, the Rural School Children" and Youth Development Fund these organizations deal with delivery meals country children in Thailand

Year 1993 – Michael Jackson performs 20 charity concerts

1995 - For a help children Michael got in New York, award "Carrying for Kids"

Year 1995 - while stay in Hungarian (in 1994), Michael meets Bela Farkas- he funds transplant of liver. Operation was conducted in Children's Hospital Bethesd's in Budapest

January 25 1997, Michael Jackson passed on 1.1 million USD to local organizations in Bombay, which it supports children's education living in slums

Year 1999 - organization two charitable concerts in Germanys and in Japan - "What more can I give"

September 4 1999, Michael Jackson got KORA Awards in South Africa for or achievement in music as well as for devotion to across music to unite all men

1999 - Michael Jackson - [United States] - for his considerable achievements in the music industry, and commitment using music to unite people around the world. MJ hand over on stage check on 1,000,000 USD to hand Nelson Mandel. Of course all the money went to the organization of Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund

2000 - With opportunity of action "Carousel of Hope", which organizer is Barbara Davis, Michael painted oneself one of above 50 plates and put out on an auction to aid kids- diabetic

2000- Michael presents his own hat and unique poster to aid modest charity auction organized by African Ambassador's Spouses Association. Actions have to help in fight with AIDS among African kids

2000- Jackson's family included to project "Wave to the World", which have on aim propagated Paralympics among healthy people

2000- Michael got award "G and P Foundation Ball" for activity to aid of fight with cancer at kids

2000- Michael took part in organization in Madison Square Garden in New York, charity concert "Miracle on 34th Street"

2000 - Together with Rabin Shmuley Boteach Michael creating project "Heal the Kids"

2001- Michael organized concert to aid of victims of terrorist attack in USA. Concert accumulate over 3 million USD only from tickets sale

September 15, 2002, Michael Jackson gave on auction 16 items with his signature: CD, video cassette and 5 cotton napkins. From auction get 3935 Euro (3,814 USD) and the money goes for a help victims of flood in Germany

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